Study Seminar : The Inoperance of Energy

Juin 12th at École nationale des beaux-arts de Paris.


Energy — its production, extraction, storage and transformation — is undoubtedly the leading plot device in all the global political narratives of our species, even our planet as a whole. All the undercurrents and otherwise unrelated epic events on Earth can be grasped — just as they are impelled —  by energy; it is the ultimate narrative lube on everything that is said, created, conceived or done. Without energy, nothing moves. Directly or indirectly, the sun is the primary source of our planet’s energy: but what does the sun want of us? What has it sought to obtain through the vast reserves of fossil fuels which its rays have slowly simmered to anorganic perfection deep within the bowels of the Earth, and whose extraction has proven so irresistible that we are prepared to forsake our own future in order to liberate it from its sticky, dark sepulchre? In short, the oprance of energy seems unassailable, the condition of any possibility or impossibility. But could one somehow imagine energy in a state of inoperance? What would that even look like, and what might be the potential power of an energy who operance has been somehow deactivated, interrupted or left in a state of latency? What narratives might the inoperance of energy be able to trigger, or at least stop hindering? Following upon a year of collective research carried out by the DSRA Document & contemporary art on “Damn the Dams,” this day-long public seminar proposes to reopen the question of energy as freely as possible, the various members of the group considering it from the perspective of its potential inoperance.



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9h30 / Conference opening. Mabel Tapia et Stephen Wright

10h / Out of Service: An à propos of props, appropriate equipment and purposeless maids. Anna Romanenko

10h45 / L’en-deça de l’action: quand energeia rencontra dynamis. Considérations sur les inopérances de l’énergie, suivies d’une brève méditation sur l’énergie des inopérances. Stephen Wright

11h30 / Notules sur l’érotique provençale ou comment réduire l’instinct sexuel tout en l’exaltant au XII e siècle. Thomas Guillot

12h15 / Tides. Interventions in situ et éphémères sur les plages de Malcolm Island (Canada). Diaporama. Louise Deltrieux


Lunch Break


14h  / Against lighting. Museum as power plant vs skylights, shades and cellars. Asli Seven

14h45  / FEISAR. Projection. Aurélien Bambagioni

et  / La vie multiple de l’art. Opérances et inopérances à l’ère de la fin du musée. Mabel Tapia

15h30 / Opus Focus. No tricks no strike, turning the light off towards  the luminous potential of attention disampowerment. Matteo Locci

16h15 / Energetic transformations: who is consuming who’s energy? Andreas Maria Fohr 

17h30 / L’arbre (2008). Projection. Virginie Yassef et Julien Prévieux