“Damn the Dams” [Barrages] has often been mobilized by indigenous and environmental activist groups worldwide in their struggles against mega dam projects that have drastically modified ecosystems and landscapes. Dams are inherently ambivalent structures, engendering new ecosystems at the cost of destroying older ones. Following a year of questioning the figure of the dam as both a physical and metaphorical construct, the imperative “damn-the-dams” – graphically rendered in French as [Barrages] – opens up to a profusion of other possible forms and forces, in their political and ecological dimensions. What lies beyond the dam, literally and metaphorically? This is the starting point for the research which will be carried out over the course of 2017-18.

Researchers 2017-18

Louise Deltrieux works and lives between different ecosystems. Her practice operates like an interstellar vessel travelling from constellation to constellation: from primatology to psychiatry, through politics, the domestication of beings, intimacy, habitat, habitus, activism, affect and its effects. She works with being in the world, in oneself and in others.

Thomas Guillot. His propositions, like a kind of living and lived scenario, take the form of constellations of documentary films, notules, analects, archives, still images, places of memory, that are shared in a confidential way and taken up under new titles, a kind of permanent incompletion of lines of errancy or desire. He is a graduate of Paris Sorbonne University, ENSA Bourges and the Fresnoy. Penelope Factory’s latest installation is a mounting console for which he delivers a set of rushes, film journals, and other material, weaving an infinite film and unfinished draft.

Matteo Locci is a multimedia researcher with an architectural background currently enjoying the complexities of collectively generated art projects with his group ATI suffix ( A contaminated contaminator, his projects are always open and co-directed by the circumstances, contexts, people and communities encountered. Throughout the years he has developed politically charged work while pursuing a genuine need for provocation, rapture and social change.

Asli Seven is an independent curator and writer based between Istanbul and Paris. Her current research and curatorial projects focus on fieldwork and landscape practices as components of artistic research with an emphasis on collaboration and improvisation. She is a member of AICA and a collaborator with Independent Curators International.

Anna Romanenko is a visual artist and performer with a background in theater. She works collectively and in situ. Her long term research-oriented projects occasionally take the form of installations, lecture performances and books. Anna is a fellow in the Studio Programme for Art, Architecture and Theory at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart and founding member of the Publishing House for Handbooks (