Study Seminar : The Inoperance of Energy

Juin 12th at École nationale des beaux-arts de Paris.   Energy — its production, extraction, storage and transformation — is undoubtedly the leading plot device in all the global political narratives of our species, even our planet as a whole. All the undercurrents and otherwise unrelated epic events on Earth can be grasped — just […]

Drift from Ljubljana to Zagreb and Belgrade

The trip took us through three urban centers of the former Yugoslavia, from March 20th to 30th We were hosted by the following practitioners: Janez Jansa (collective), Zdenka Badovinac (director of the Moderna Galerija), Alenka Gregorič (City Art Gallery of Ljubljana), IRWIN (artists collective), Fukas Grupa (collective), Djordje Balmazovic (collective Skart), Tomislav Gotovac Institute, Sanja […]

Symposium: “Dams”

Organised by the DSRA Document & Contemporary Art (ÉESI – ENSA, Bourges) 15 December 9:30 am – 6:00 pm at ENSBA, Paris This day-long symposium will seek to shed sustained and variegated light on some of the lines of enquiry of a year’s research around the figure of the dam. Understood in the broadest sense, […]

Trip in Argentina

From October 9th to 22th 2017, specially in Buenos Aires. Some moments by Thomas Guillot.

Manifesto for an approach to art-informed research

Proposition for a collective discussion /The program asserts its nomadic character through its mode of operation, its status and its worldview, practising artistic research, understood as a tool for action and a probe for investigating worlds. /Its research agenda is by its very definition collective. Each member of the group is constituted as a practitioner […]